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 Under Eye Masks

Introducing She's Edible under eye jelly patches!  Eye Need a Mojito :  Jelly patch for under the eyes, made with cucumber, infused with basil, & mint.  


Helping you look more well rested by reduced puffiness & inflammation using all natural ingredients, fresh fruit, spices, herbs & natural oils. 


Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs

Get into your Best Skin

My Sugar Scrubs are made with a blend of Sugar, Essential Oils, & Olive Oil. 

Olive Oil is an Excellent source of healthy fats, antioxidants, & Essential Vitamins that keep your skin healthy. 

Get rid of all of your dead skin & reveal a new layer of healthy, glowing skin!!


We know that She's Edible, well NOW get ready for He's Edible! Men have skin too & it's time they have products they can trust to work & that smell amazing !  Our skin is our largest organ & we need to take care of it as men and women.  Starting off with two Sugar Scrubs featuring the He's Edible signature scents "Sweet Woods" & "90`s Fine"

He's Edible ALSO . . .

90`s Fine 

Lets face it, Black men in the 90`s are TOP TiER! Made with nostalgia in mind & Going with what my idea of sexy is, this scrub is BLACK, smooth & smells amazing! 

Infused with Charcoal.  Earthy, woodsy & citrus tones.

Sweet Woods

Imagine twisting up with a Rum infused sweet tobacco leaf that's been soaked in honey with gentle notes of vanilla bean. You'll be smelling savory & sexy 


Shower & Exfoliate with scents for men! Guaranteed results after one use! 

The Queen Of Bath Time

Any improvements you would like to make on your skin. Let’s make them!  Whatever problems you’re having with your skin, I have a recipe for it! Every problem we have with our skin, it can be reversed NATURALLY.  Let me create recipes specifically for you to get your skin healthy. SHE’S EDIBLE products will leave you feeling like you just left the spa in the comfort of your own home.


get in contact

Need something that you don't see available on my website? No problem, send an email & we can create a recipe perfect for your body! I love to hear from my customers.  Feel free to leave a review, or your questions, comments or concerns.

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